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Electronic control part cooler

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Electric/Electronic Control Unit Cooling

The control box cooler is a cooling device with a semi-permanent structure that supplies cool air to the heating space without a separate electric device through the supply of clean air from which foreign substances have been removed.

  • Electric device heating part space cooling device.
    - CNC electric box space.
  • Electronic control unit cooling
Heating space cooling

Detail Information
Low noise and high efficiency air cooling
Cooling device applied
Electric device cooling effect
  • It protects sensitive heating parts by supplying cold air by installing it directly on the electronic control panel with only compressed air without complicated electric devices.
    [ It suppresses product malfunction and malfunction of functions ]
  • - After cooling, the air is discharged through the gap in the control unit and prevents foreign substances from entering through the air curtain.
product composition

  • As a silencer is installed as standard, the noise is very low.
  • The cold air discharge structure is simple, so the supply efficiency of cold air is high Easy to install.
Option : Automatic temperature control module
Model product composition
FAC-M03-O01 Automatic temperature control module

  • It basically includes an air filter and a pressure control device to remove moisture from the supplied air, and automatically controls the temperature to the set temperature by sensing the temperature inside the electronic control box.
  • Standard power: 220V (24V option)
Options : Water separator [water filter], Regulator
  • Regulator: The cooling temperature can be controlled by adjusting the supply pressure.
  • ※ Depending on the purpose of use, purchase a filter exclusively for removing moisture, such as a water separator. Can be used.
Device specification
  • The control box cooler can control the supply temperature manually or automatically according to the supply pressure.
    - Through space cooling, it provides a lot of help in improving the life of parts and improving productivity.
Model Supply Pressure Maximum Air Consumption Cooling Capacity
PAI Bar SCFM ℓ/min Wh kcal/h
Small Standard FAC-M01-C 101 7 6 187 165 142
Small and medium Standard FAC-M02-C 101 7 9 258 188 162
Large Standard FAC-L02-C 101 7 14 410 437 386
FAC-L05-C 101 7 30 843 917 788


➣ The value may vary depending on the conditions of the supplied air pressure and temperature.