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  • Air Flow Design
  • Eliminate humidity within fast space
  • Minimize power consumption
  • Rapid dehumidification ability
  • Increase energy efficiency with lowest power consumption in the atmosphere
  • Silent driving noise mounted on strong dehumidifying forces
  • Eliminate the harsh driving noise
  • Collection of fine dust inside the dehumidifying space. Drain with excess moisture
Detail Information
Automatic Humidity Control
peer-to-class dehumidification
  • Smaller product sizes and better dehumidification
Minimize driving noise
  • Quiet driving noise at 52 db
Control part dust removal
  • Automatic collection and discharge of internal dust
Rapid Dehumidification Structure of Strong Circulation
  • Increase Dehumidification Efficiency with Circulating Structural Design
Product specifications
  • Product specifications

Category Specification
Power Standard 220V, Options (110V, 12V, 24V)
Power consumption Max 135w , 15w at the exhibition
Size 157mm(W) x 338mm(H) x 110mm(D)
dehumidification ability 65cc/h (Ambient temperature 35°C, 72% humidity)
product weight 3.7 kg
Operation Automatic operation